True North Turbos TNT485 85MM T6

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The TNT 85MM T6 chassis journal bearing turbo is capable of 1100-1250whp on your average 6.0L or smaller pushrod V8 engine. It features our very newest compressor wheel as well as our 96x88 or 103x92 turbine wheel. 

Our latest 96x88 turbine wheel has been designed through meticulous research over several years. The end result is that we have created a wheel that helps eliminate some of the backpressure that the standard BW 96x88 has when it’s maxed out.

The end result is that It gets your rotor assembly up to speed quicker all while not running out of breath as early as our previous models. 100-200whp gains under 5000rpm and higher peak horsepower and torque numbers can be expected over our competitor’s turbos that we have dyno tested back to back.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Hourd
Spools lightning quick on my 5.3L

I have the TNT 85/96 on my 5.3L '72 Nova. Spools shockingly fast, has ran a best of 134mph at 25psi in 6000DA in 3000lbs car, 1:1 back pressure at this level so plenty left in it if I can get the suspension to work. Highly recommend!

Ultimate Street Turbo

I ran this turbo on my 370" LS street car and was blown away. 3050# car went 5.09 @142 to the 1/8 on 21.5# and that wasn't even stretching it's legs this turbo ran out two walbro 525s on the dyno and would make ALL the boost on the brake (accidentally made 24# in!3.9 seconds)

I'd still be running it today but I decided to go with better heads, more camshaft, and the TNT 92/103

Charles Williams
TNT485 85MM T6 96/88 1.32

Upgraded from a Gen3 VSRacing 7875, There is no question when it comes to the TNT turbo being higher quality. It also spools very fast on my 6L LS.

Codey Smith

True North Turbos S485 85MM T6 96/88 1.32