45mm Wastegate


45mm Wastegate

  • Designed with a two-piece Billet dome made from 6061 aluminum, and a black anodized finish.
  • The piston inside replaces the conventional diaphragm, which is a two-piece serviceable part.  We pressure-tested and rated it for 150 psi working pressure.
  • On our piston we use a viton O-ring, and we include spares. We use a nominal O-ring size, so if you have any mishaps replacements are easy.
  • The wastegate valve is constructed from a super alloy mix to handle the hottest and harshest conditions your engine can throw at it. We also use this alloy mix to ensure fuels don't corrode the valve.
  • All reference ports are 1/8 inch npt.
  • Body is casted from stainless steel.

What's Included! 

  • Stainless inlet and outlet flanges
  • Stainless clamps with hardware
  • (3pcs) spring kit (approximate ratings for 5psi , 7psi and 14psi with a combined capability approximating 26psi depending on application)
  • Spare O-Rings
  • (2pcs) 1/8npt Stainless Barbs
  • (2pcs) 1/8npt Stainless Plugs


Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend watched your YouTube for a very long time🫶🏼


Outstanding product for a great price

matt henry
Amazing 45 mm wastegates

I have twin 45mm gates on a 5.3 with a 98mm gt55 turbo. These control boost amazing from 3lbs to 40 lbs, no boost creep whatsoever. The quality and fit and finish of these are amazing and the customer service is one of the best in the industry.

Bradley Sherwood Jr
Beautiful 45mm gates

These are very nice gates. All the parts are machined really nice. I bought two 45's and these are substantially nicer then precision gates and many others. I am very happy with these and definitely will be getting more from BSI in the futures I work in energy generation and use aerospace metals and exotic metals and if your questioning about buying these....buy them. They are also pretty compact for being piston operated

Lynn Terry
Great Product

Haven't installed yet but very nice-looking Product.