50mm Blow Off Valve


Blow-off valves play an important part of any forced induction system. The whole purpose is to vent off pressure to prevent a pressure surge from damaging the compressor blades on your turbo or centrifugal supercharger.

Designed with a two-piece Billet dome made from 6061 aluminum, and a black anodized finish.

Top reference ports are 1/8 inch NPT.

NEW FEATURE: Bottom 1/16 NPT Port, this will allow all you Centrifugal Supercharger guys to run a MAC valve to a third party controller (Holley, Boost Leash, Or AMS) to allow you to control your boost and utilize the Blow Off Valve as a Wastegate and assist you in fine tuning your target boost levels. 

Our weld on flanges are thicker than our competitors; we did this to help the DIY guy who is just learning how to weld, and also help with preventing warpage.

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Steve Arsenault
Looks awesome

I'm just collecting parts for my build at this point witch will consist of a 6.0 LS s475 turbo your 60mm waist gate and 50 mm blow off 400 turbo Trans and Ford 9 inch with 4.11 gears and locker caltracks all in 2003 GMC Sonoma can't review now sorry

Terry Kozlovic
Great product

Great product Great service


Outstanding quality for a great price

Everyone Should Strive for This Quality!

These pieces are amazing! I'm putting one on my 4th build this month. These things are absolute jewelry and work amazingly.

If you compare something as small as the clamp to the competitors you'll understand Nick's commitment to excellence

50mm bov

Fast, easy shipping and product looks high quality!