60mm Wastegate


60mm Wastegate

  • Designed with a two-piece Billet dome made from 6061 aluminum, and a black anodized finish.
  • The piston inside replaces the conventional diaphragm, which is a two-piece serviceable part.  We pressure-tested and rated it for 150 psi working pressure.
  • On our piston we use a viton O-ring, and we include spares. We use a nominal O-ring size, so if you have any mishaps replacements are easy.
  • The wastegate valve is constructed from a super alloy mix to handle the hottest and harshest conditions your engine can throw at it. We also use this alloy mix to ensure fuels don't corrode the valve.
  • All reference ports are 1/8 inch npt.
  • Body is casted from stainless steel.

What's Included! 

  • Stainless inlet and outlet flanges
  • Stainless clamps with hardware
  • (3pcs) spring kit (approximate ratings for 5psi , 7psi and 14psi with a combined capability approximating 26psi depending on application)
  • Spare O-Rings
  • (2pcs) 1/8npt Stainless Barbs
  • (2pcs) 1/8npt Stainless Plugs



Customer Reviews

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Jared Raymond

60mm Wastegate

Charles Williams
60mm Wastegate on a 10.6:1 6L LS

Figure I would come back after a couple seasons with this gate for a review.
Before 2022 season I made the switch to a single 60mm BSI gate.
I was struggling to maintain low boost on launch and no consistency with my previous 50mm gate.
With the BSI gate I can now maintain 4 lbs at launch if surface is poor with no fluctuations no matter how long I stay on the 2 step.
Down track once at peak boost the boost is just a straight line on the log. The control you have while using this gate paired with CO2 is actually unbelievable.
Highly recommended a BSI gate if you are browsing for wastegates !!

Best Wastegates to Date!

I ran this as a single gate on my 370" LS with a TNT 85/96 and it controlled boost beautifully from 4#-30# without any boost creep!

I'll never again go with a diaphragm gate. After 3 years, thousands of miles, and hundreds of passes this gate worked beautifully but it's an incredible peace of mind that these things come with a spare set of orings in case SHTF

trevor land

60mm Wastegate

Corey Johnson
Bsi waste gate

Haven't used it yet but quality looks pretty damn good and I like the idea of the piston over the diaphragm