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      Customer Reviews

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      ethan janzen

      It looks super nice quality

      Billet 12AN Turbo Drain Oil Flange / Jewelry

      I purchased a Billet 12AN Turbo Drain Oil Flange for Mid-Frame and Large-Frame Turbochargers from you. It showed up and it looks like something I would want to display in my house instead of install it under the turbo of my car where its all hot and dirty, (Wife unfortunately said no to that) It deserves to be seen and shown off! The machine work and fit along with the beveled outlet were in perfect alignment with the drain. If it works 1/2 as good as it looks, the turbo should drain perfectly!
      Thank you for making such a high quality piece out of such a high quality piece of billet for the cost of something that equals the price of a turbo drain made out of some old gas pipe, bailing wire, duct tape and a hose clamp.

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